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Your Direct Supplier of Light Emitting Diodes!

We provide our customers with quality LED products they can count on! We are so confident in our LED products that we stand behind them with a 1-Year Warranty! With over 20 years of LED industry experience, we provide a wide range of products and services to suit many industries. Our LEDs have been used in such industries as tactical lights, electronic devices, medical equipment, automotive parts, Hollywood movies, and more! We have the experience and capabilities to meet & exceed your LED accenting needs.

We Have 1000's of LED Products & Growing!

We currently offer a wide range of LED products. These products are LED Strips & Bars, Pre-Wired LEDs, Component LEDs, LED Mounting, LED Controllers, LED Accent Kits, & More! Get the best quality LED products all backed by a 1-Year Warranty!

Smart LED Strip 1
Component LEDs

Choose from a wide selection of LED shapes, styles, types, & colors!

Pre-Wired LEDs

Choose from the widest selection of Pre-Wired LEDs for 3vdc to 24vdc applications!

LED Controllers
Addon Remote.jpg

Choose from a wide selection of LED controllers for extra visual appeal from your LEDs!

The LED Armory

Choose from our proprietary line of tactical lights & tactical illumination!

LED Strips & Bars

Choose from a wide selection of LED Strips and Bars designed to meet your accenting needs!

LED Mounting

Choose from a wide selection of mounting capabilities for pre-wired LEDs and component LEDs!

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