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About Supplies Quality LEDs...

     We are a company that sells high quality LEDs (light emitting Diodes) and related components to our customers. We sell our LED products worldwide and our customers come from many different industries. Whether for commercial use, residential applications, hobbies, projects, or manufacturing purposes we provide professional grade LED products that you can count on.


     We are based out of Greenfield, Indiana, and one of just a few LED companies that actually produces some of its own LED products here in the United States. LEDs are defined as a type of semiconductor, and they are used by many different industries all over the world. Currently, most of the LED manufacturing in the world is controlled and done by China. Our goal is to become the top Light Emitting Diode manufacturer in the world and turn the United States in to an exporter of these goods. Currently, as an importer, the US is subject to market instability, potential product shortages, and uncontrollable conflicts between countries. Supporting to manufacture Light Emitting Diodes in the United States will help put us on path to gain some control of the semiconductor industry.


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We Are Different...

     Other LED companies are only interested in selling you a product. Most of them don't even know how the product works and normally rely on the brochure. We not only sell LED products, but we also create them! We research, develop, prototype, test, and patent many different types of LED products! Combined with our extensive background and specialized experience with LEDs over the last 20 years, this gives us the expertise to deliver in-depth information about our products in the most detailed forms.

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