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Energy Efficient Light Emitting Diodes

     We are passionate about the use of energy efficient lighting products! With the cost of energy continuing to rise in the USA, and a major concern for the environment, we are dedicated to do our part and help solve these issues. LEDs have been around for many years, and over those years you may have been replacing other types of light bulbs because of increased energy efficiency standards, and advances in LED technology. Today LEDs are in almost everything we see, from TVs to home light bulbs. The energy efficiency they provide produces big savings for consumers. This can be seen in various aspects depending on the application of an LED, as they have many benefits over other types of lighting.

Compared to other types of lighting:

-LEDs have lower power consumption

-LEDs have a longer life rating

-LEDs are smaller in size to produce the same illumination

-LEDs can cost significantly less

-LEDs stay cooler to operate

-LEDs are usable across various applications

-LEDs are more durable

-LEDs can have millions of colors options

-LEDs are very easy to use

      Whether you are saving money on your electric bills from using LEDs in your home or business, less energy consumption can help the environment by reducing our need of it. Waste is also reduced because of the small size of LEDs, and life expectancy is typically 2x to 3x longer than other types of light bulbs. The positive effects of energy efficiency from LEDs can even be traced back to device LEDs can be found in. TVs are a great example of this if you look at those yellow energy rating tags on LED TVs verses other older types like tube and plasma TVs. On a battery type system, LEDs are also supreme due to their ultra-low power consumption. This could mean less strain on the battery for the same or better illumination results than with other types of lighting. There are many other scenarios where LEDs provide beneficial results for consumers, and we are always ready to hear about them!

      As LEDs are continuously being integrated into today's society to allow us to be more energy efficient, and we play an integral roll in this! Selling products that are more energy efficient and environmentally friendly than others is something we take pride in. Being able to provide our customers with products that can not only save them money overall, but allows them to use less energy while saving money is exciting!

LED-Accent recently invested in a renewable energy venture:

Renewable energy can be great, and even better if it were 100% sustainable without environmental consequences. We have recently invested to develop a self-sustaining energy cell with zero emissions for electrical applications. Once perfected, the need for any other energy source would be obsolete! If you are interested in supporting these potentially life changing advancements, please feel free to contact us, or check out our "Investors" page. Help us advance technology and to help save the planet!

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