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Are you looking to invest in a company that promotes green energy?

LED-Accent promotes the use of energy efficient lighting products so much that we sell them in the form of LED lights! LEDs are extremely energy efficient at producing light. Everyone can agree that using less energy for lighting purposes is good for the environment, will save money, cut down on global emissions of carbon dioxide and produce less waste overall. With a market size valued at 52.57 billion dollars USD in 2020, there is a forecast value of 127.04 billion dollars USD by 2027, which indicates significant industry growth over a very short 7-year time span.

Why the significant growth?

This significant projected growth can be attributed to various aspects within the manufacturing industry and also the consumers demand for energy efficient LED lighting products. As more and more products are developed in the world, the use of LEDs within them is expanding. Technology in the LED industry is also evolving very quickly by producing thousands of different shapes, styles, sizes, types, brightness ratings, colors and voltage applications to provide todays product manufactures with a wide variety of cost-effective LED options.


What is our presence?

We are dedicated to providing these cost-effective LED options to our customers all over the world. We serve a very diverse range of customers including hobbyist, musicians, Hollywood films, automobile manufacturers, electronic device manufacturers, heavy equipment manufacturers and many others. Our quality LEDs, wide selection and effective pricing have allowed us to gain a foothold in the industry. We would like to further expand and ultimately become the world leader in LED manufacturing and sales. China has had tremendous control over the manufacturing of LEDs, much like the solar cell industry. We want to take on the challenge to change this trend! Even though China is currently the biggest producers of LEDs and solar cells, they are also the biggest producers of waste and Co2 emissions in the world. With your help we can set an example by being the world's largest producer of LEDs and solar cells and emit less Co2 from energy production plants by reducing the strain on the nation's power grid with the use of LEDs.

An investment...

Obviously, any investment will be used to grow the company. However, lets break it down to the specifics. We are looking to expand our presence in several key areas to strategically place our company as a dominant contender with China on the world LED market. Here is where we are currently focusing investments...

- LED Sales & Marketing

- LED Advanced Research & Development

- LED Raw Material Mining & Processing

- LED Manufacturing & Production

These key areas including the implementation of manufacturing component LEDs will set the stage for a shift in control of the LED market. Over time, as we produce LEDs and also include American innovation by advancing research and development, we will continue to capture and make gains in a market currently dominated by China. Our team is ready for this exciting journey and willing to do what it takes to align our company with a comprehensive strategy for sucess with our goals.

Are there shareholders?

Currently, we do not have shareholders as we are not yet listed on the US Stock Exchange. This will be changing very soon as a means to raise capital investment towards our company as we grow. This presents a great opportunity to get in with an innovative new technology company dealing in semi-conductors (LEDs) before expediential growth in company value and added shareholders.


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