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Warranty Information

     We offer a 1-year warranty on all our LED products! Although you'll probably never have to file a warranty claim due to the quality of our LED products, at least you'll have the confidence knowing that we got your back if you ever do. Most component LED companies give out just 30 days on a warranty, but we give you an entire year of coverage against the unexpected.

     Our warranty policy is a simple one that protects the purchased LED product(s) by providing a replacement LED product(s) free of charge in the event of a warranty claim. The warranty covers LED products that are defective in nature and/or inoperable from normal operating conditions for up to 1 year after the purchase. LED products that are physically damaged, destroyed, or manipulated may be rejected due to misuse.


     To file a warranty claim, simply contact us by phone or email to inform us of the warranty request. One of our representatives will issue an WMA # or Warranty Merchandise Authorization Number. This number is important to help track the warranty process which provides critical information to process your warranty in a timely fashion. We will not accept a returned product for warranty without this number.


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