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3mm Round Top RGB LEDs

These LEDs change 3 different super bright colors for maximum visual attention. Each LED cycles through 3 different colors which are Red, Green, and Blue. Available in either fast or slow color changing styles, they don't require any end programming. It comes as a simple 2 pin configuration which also allows for simple integration into circuitry. Our color changing LEDs carry some of the highest brightness ratings in the industry, and also have a waterproof bulb to maximize their versatility across a wide range of applications. Every LED is also backed by our superior quality standards, and a 1-year warranty. No one else in the business is more dedicated to providing quality super bright LEDs than us!


General Information:

- Perfect for hobbies, crafts, projects, & More

- Super bright for maximum illumination & visibility

- Color changing RGB LED (Red, Green, Blue)

- Viewing angle of 25 - 30 degrees

- Available in slow or fast color changing rates

- Non-programmable, smooth cycle RGB

- Energy efficient power consumption

- Panel or PCB board mountable

- Easily make them pre-wired if needed

- Water clear lens for maximum light projection

- Waterproof & durable LED bulb

- Resistant to hot and cold temperatures

- LED bulb stays cool to the touch

- Life expectancy of 100,000 hours

- All our LEDs meet superior quality standards

- Order single LEDs or bulk quantities


3mm Round Top

rgb LEDs

ITEM #: 11300

PRICE: $0.49 Each


Technical Specifications:

Emitting Color: RGB

LED Type: Color Changing

LED Size: 3mm

Red Luminous Intensity: 8,000 mcd

Green Luminous Intensity: 8,000 mcd

Blue Luminous Intensity: 8,000 mcd

Non-Programmable, Smooth Cycle

Viewing Angle: 25 - 30 deg.

Bulb Color: Water Clear

Forward Voltage: 3.2 vdc

Forward Current: 20ma.

Reverse Voltage: 5.0vdc

Reverse Current: 10ma.

Life Rating: 100,000 hours

Solder Temp: 260c @ 5sec.

Number of Leads: 2

Anode Lead: Positive (+)

Cathode Lead: Negative (-)

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