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3mm Round Top Bi-Color LEDs

These 5mm bi-color LEDs are quite the visual attention grabber. They flash or alternate between colors. They produce brilliant colors, making them perfect for using with all kinds of hobbies, crafts, projects, and more! These LEDs also have a waterproof bulb to maximize their versatility across a wide range of applications. Every LED is also backed by our superior quality standards, and a 1-year warranty! These 5mm bi-color LEDs are available in many super bright colors. No one else in the business is more dedicated to providing quality super bright LEDs than us! Also, check out our LEDs Bezels / Holders for panel mounting applications with component LEDs.


General Information:

- Single color, 5MM bi-color LED

- Super bright for maximum illumination & visibility

- Viewing angle of 25 - 30 degrees

- Flashes / alternates between two colors

- LED flashing rate at 1.5 Hz

- Water clear bulb for maximum light emission

- Ultra low power consumption (20ma.)

- LED bulb stays cool to the touch

- Panel or PCB board mountable

- 3mm size is small enough to fit almost anywhere

- Waterproof & Shockproof LED bulb

- Resistant to hot and cold temperatures

- Perfect for hobbies, crafts, projects, & More

- Easily make them pre-wired if needed

- Various colors available for color specific applications

- Life expectancy of 100,000 hours

- Meets our superior quality standards

- Order single LEDs or bulk quantities

5mm Round Top


ITEM #: 11200

PRICE: $0.49 Each



Technical Specifications:

Emitting Color: Red | Blue

LED Type: Bi-Color

LED Size: 5mm

Luminous Intensity: 6000 mcd

Viewing Angle: 25 - 30 deg.

Flash Rate: 1.5Hz

Bulb Color: Water Clear

Forward Voltage: 3.4 vdc

Forward Current: 20ma.

Reverse Voltage: 5.0vdc

Reverse Current: 10ma.

Wavelength: 625nm | 460nm

Life Rating: 100,000 hours

Solder Temp: 260c @ 5sec.

Anode Lead: Positive (+)

Cathode Lead: Negative (-)

Waterproof: Yes

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