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Dedicated to providing professional grade Light Emitting Diodes at the lowest possible prices!

From manufacturing to custom integration, our professional grade LEDs are used for many applications that utilize or need visual appeal. Our LEDs have been used in everything from tactical lights, electronic devices, medical equipment, automotive parts, Hollywood movies, and so much more! We provide the most extensive selection of quality Component LEDs, and Pre-Wired LEDs around!


We Produce Voltage Specific Pre-Wired LEDs!

We produce our own Pre-Wired LEDs to ensure quality at the highest level! We produce our Pre-Wired LEDs in various operating voltages from 3vdc to 24vdc. We can also provide pre-wired LEDs in custom voltages and match critical specifications for our customers! 

Single Color LEDs

Choose from a wide selection of Single Color LED shapes, styles, types, & colors!

Pre-Wired Single Color LEDs

Choose from the widest selection of Pre-Wired Single Color LEDs for 3vdc to 24vdc applications!

LED Bezels / Holders

Choose from a wide selection of LED bezels for extra visual appeal from your LEDs!


Choose from our selection of proprietary illumination products for your tactical side!

Flashing LEDs

Choose from a wide selection of Flashing LED types, sizes, shapes, and colors!

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Find out more information about! We are a proud supplier of quality LEDs!

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