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3mm Plastic LED Holders

These are 3mm plastic LED holders. They are made out of a durable plastic. They are ideal for panel mounting 3mm round top LEDs, flat top LEDs, and straw hat LEDs. Each 3mm plastic LED holder comes with side locking tabs for secure panel mounting. These LED holders are perfect for adding that extra visual appeal when panel mounting LEDs!


General Information:

- 3mm Plastic LED Holder

- Made of durable plastic

- Ideal for panel mounting LEDs

- Use with 3mm round Top, flat top, or straw hat LEDs

- Quad locking tabs for secure installation

- Temperature resistant & weather resistant

- Its small size allows it to be installed in small areas

- Flat housing for maximum visibility

- Black finish adds extra visual appeal

- Perfect for hobbies, crafts, projects, & More

- Easy to install and cost effective

- Various quantities available

3mm plastic

LED holders

ITEM #: 40100

PRICE: $0.49 EA.

Professional Grade!


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