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Multi-led Illuminator


The Multi-LED Illuminator (Patent Pending)

     Developed for the AR-15/M-4 rifle, the Multi-LED Illuminator is designed to fit in to the front of select free-floating handguards/forends. The aluminum light head combines a total of 8 high power LEDs to deliver an extraordinary beam of light for various applications. It's built right here in the USA with the best quality materials and craftsmanship to deliver a dependable product every time! The illuminator features various customizable ordering options such as operational modes and illumination colors/wavelengths for a more personalized setup. Each Multi-LED Illuminator comes with a quality anodized aluminum handguard/forend that is ready for installation! Simply select the length of the handguard/forend and the illumination color/wavelength of the Multi-LED Illuminator.  


- Multi-LED Illumination

- Fits AR-15 /M-4 Rifles

- Up to 1400 Lumen Output

- 60-degree Wide Beam Output

- Beam Distance Up To 75 Meters

- Runtime Up To 1 Hour @ 100%

- Optional 5 Mode Operation w/ Strobe

- Available in Infrared or Visible Colors

- Anodized Aluminum Light Head

- Weighs 4.2 Ounces

- Synthetic Polymer & Aluminum Power Pack

- Tested IP67 Waterproof

- Resistant To Heat & Cold Temperatures

- Triple Insulated Operation Cable

- Power Pack Fits MIL-STD-1913 / Picatinny Rails

- Power: 3 "AAA" Ultimate Lithium Batteries

- Battery Pack Size: L-3.0in x W-1.25in x H-1.25in

- Power Pack Rear Operational Switch

- Remote Pressure Switch Included

- Modes: 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%, Strobe @ 2hz

- 1-Year Warranty Included


Kit Contents...

- 1 Multi-LED Illuminator with Aluminum Light Head

- 1 Rear Mounted Push Button Switch

- 1 Rear Mounted Remote Pressure Switch

- 2 Power Pack Mounting Plates

- 1 Power Pack Pressure Screw with Nut

- 1 Battery Cartridge (3x"AAA") 

- 4 Light Head Set Screws

- 4 Light Head Set Screw Washers

- 1 Aluminum Handguard/Forend

- 1 Aluminum Barrel Nut

- 1 Aluminum Barrel Nut Lock-Ring

- 1 Aluminum Handguard/Forend Anti-Rotation Screw

- 1 Allen Tool for Screw Heads


Multi-LED Illuminator + Compatible Handguard/Forend

STARTING AT: $279.99

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