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Pre-Wired 3mm Round Top LEDs

These Pre-Wired LEDs provide colorful and super bright illumination to anything you add them too! They are pre-wired with quality insulated 22-gauge wire making them extremely easy to work with and use for many applications. Whether adding them into your projects, hobbies, or crafts, our pre-wired LEDs can bring visual attention to whatever you add them too! These small pre-wired LEDs emit big illumination and come in 8 super bright color choices! We also produce these pre-wired LEDs in a wide variety of voltage options to maximize their potential usability across a wide range of applications. We even offer custom pre-wired LED production for specific voltage requirements. 


General Information:

- Super bright pre-wired round top LED

- Superior color clarity & brightness

- Viewing angle of 25 - 30 degrees

- Pre-wired with insulated, 22ga. stranded copper wire

- Insulated Bendable leads for tight or awkward areas

- Panel & surface mountable

- Built-in resistor for quick & simple installation

- Color coded wires leads for easy identification

- Extremely low power consumption

- 100,000 hour life expectancy

- Bulb stays cool to the touch

- Waterproof & Shockproof bulb

- Tolerable to external rapid temperature changes

- Stands up to rugged applications

- Professionally manufactured in the U.S.A.

- 8 Super bright colors to choose from

- 6 voltage options available to choose from

- Contact us for custom voltage requirements

Pre-Wired 3mm

Round Top LEDs

ITEM #: 20300



Technical Specifications:

Emitting Color: White

LED Type: Pre-Wired Round Top

LED Size: 3mm

Luminous Intensity: 20000 mcd

Viewing Angle: 25 - 30 deg.

Bulb Color: Water Clear

Forward Voltage: 3.4vdc - 24.0vdc

Forward Current: 20ma.

Color Temp: 6500k

Life Rating: 100,000 hours

Solder Temp: 260c @ 5sec.

Anode Lead: Positive (+)

Cathode Lead: Negative (-)

Wire Leads: 4 Inches

Wire Type: 22 ga. stranded

Color Code: RED (+) BLACK (-)

Attached Resistor: Yes

Insulated Leads: Yes

Panel Mountable: Yes

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