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Pre-Wired 5mm Round Top Flashing LEDs

Designed with a 30-degree viewing angle, these highly visible flashing LEDs produce a super bright flash at a rate of 1.6 Hz. Every LED is manufactured with high quality, 22 gauge stranded, insulated wiring that is suitable for both professional, and hobby applications. All lead connections points are thoroughly insulated at the base of each LED for maximum quality and protection. These insulated leads are also bendable and adjustable, making them extremely easy to work with. Our 5mm pre-wired flashing LEDs are available in many different colors, and many different DC voltage options.


General Information:

- Super bright pre-wired flashing LED

- Superior color clarity & brightness

- LED flashing rate of 1.6 Hz

- Viewing angle of 25 - 30 degrees

- Pre-wired with insulated, 22ga. stranded copper wire

- Insulated Bendable leads for tight or awkward areas

- Panel & surface mountable

- Built-in resistor for quick & simple installation

- Color coded wires leads for easy identification

- Extremely low power consumption

- 100,000 hour life expectancy

- Bulb stays cool to the touch

- Waterproof & Shockproof bulb

- Tolerable to external rapid temperature changes

- Stands up to rugged applications

- Professionally manufactured in the U.S.A.

- 5 Super bright colors to choose from

- 6 voltage options available to choose from

- Contact us for custom voltage requirements

pRE-WIRED 5mm Round Top


ITEM #: 30400

PRICE: $1.29 Each


Technical Specifications:

Emitting Color: White

LED Type: Pre-Wired Flashing

LED Size: 5mm

Luminous Intensity: 18000 mcd

Viewing Angle: 25 - 30 deg.

Bulb Color: Water Clear

Forward Voltage: 3.4vdc - 24vdc

Forward Current: 20ma.

Color Temp: 6500k

Life Rating: 100,000 hours

Solder Temp: 260c @ 5sec.

Anode Lead: Positive (+)

Cathode Lead: Negative (-)

Wire Leads: 4 Inches

Wire Type: 22 ga. stranded

Color Code: RED (+) BLACK (-)

Attached Resistor: Yes

Insulated Leads: Yes

Panel Mountable: Yes

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